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Job Application Letter for Teaching: Simple Tips and Samples

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A lot of peo­ple think that what is the need to sub­mit a job appli­ca­tion when you are already sub­mit­ting a resume? Espe­cial­ly while apply­ing for a teach­ing job. A job appli­ca­tion let­ter for teach­ing lets you intro­duce your­self in detail. It gives the hir­ing man­ag­er a chance to get to know about the appli­cant in ways that can nev­er be accessed through a resume.

An appli­ca­tion for teach­ing jobs helps you to describe your­self as a pro­fes­sion­al. Write down your skills and state why you can be fit for the role. Focus and revolve your skills around the job descrip­tion for the teach­ing post.

Points To Remember While Writing Application For Teaching Jobs:

1- Com­mence writ­ing your job appli­ca­tion by stat­ing why you are inter­est­ed in the job. But always remem­ber to not keep the intro­duc­tion too long.

2- In the sec­ond para­graph, state why you think you are suit­able for the job. Give a pre­view of your edu­ca­tion­al background.

3- Remem­ber to include impor­tant details about your education.

4- If you are an expe­ri­enced teacher, add details about your work expe­ri­ence. This will be the high­light of your job application.

5- Remem­ber to men­tion your skills, qual­i­fi­ca­tions, teach­ing expe­ri­ence, etc in bul­let points instead of body para­graphs. Bul­let points are nec­es­sary for a pro­fes­sion­al resume.

6- Con­clude the last para­graph with your details like your name and con­tact information.

The Dont’s Of How To Write Application For Teaching Jobs:

1- Do not for­get to or hes­i­tate in includ­ing your con­tact infor­ma­tion. With your per­son­al infor­ma­tion includ­ed, it gets easy and con­ve­nient for the employ­er to reach out to you.

2- Avoid any kind of gram­mat­i­cal mis­takes or punc­tu­a­tion errors. Always go through the appli­ca­tion twice before sub­mit­ting it finally.

3- Do not for­get to attach your resume to the job appli­ca­tion. Always keep a copy of your resume as a google doc handy.

4- You should apply for a job only when you are qual­i­fied and suit­able for it. Do not apply to ran­dom job open­ings which are irrel­e­vant to your work expe­ri­ence or edu­ca­tion­al background.

5- Do not neglect to write a cov­er let­ter with your job appli­ca­tion. It is always an added bonus to send a teacher cov­er let­ter with your resume and job appli­ca­tion. There are many cov­er let­ter sam­ples and cov­er let­ter tem­plates on the inter­net that you can use to your benefit.

To help you through the process of appli­ca­tion for teach­ing jobs, here are a few sam­ples of dif­fer­ent appli­ca­tion let­ters for teacher posts:

Job Application For Teaching Jobs As an Elementary School Teacher

Sub­ject: Appli­ca­tion for the posi­tion of Ele­men­tary School Teach­ing Position

Dear Ma’am/Sir,

I am writ­ing to inform you that I am inter­est­ed in the pri­ma­ry teacher job posi­tion at your [School Name, School dis­trict]. I grad­u­at­ed with a bach­e­lor’s degree from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Del­hi in 2014. There­after, I con­clud­ed my Bach­e­lor in Ele­men­tary Edu­ca­tion. In the year 2017, I cleared the nation­al-lev­el CTET.

Cur­rent­ly, I am employed as a Sci­ence Teacher at XYZ School. I have been a pri­ma­ry mem­ber of the XYZ Insti­tu­tion since 2017. I was respon­si­ble for stu­dents of grade I to grade V. My skills and expe­ri­ences of com­ing up with dif­fer­ent les­son plans in my 2 years will be a great addi­tion to your institution.

Feel free to check my work as well as my edu­ca­tion­al back­ground in the attached resume. I am here­by attach­ing the same. Thank you for your time. I am also includ­ing my con­tact details and look for­ward to hear­ing from you.

Thank You.


Rupa Mishra
Phone Num­ber: 98xxxxxxxx
Email: rupa@xxxx.com

Job Application For Teaching Jobs As a High School Teacher

Sub­ject: Appli­ca­tion for the posi­tion of High School Teacher

Dear Ma’am/Sir,

This is in regard to the job vacan­cy of a High School Teacher job post at your insti­tu­tion. I would like to apply for the same. I am a post-grad­u­ate in Eng­lish and have also com­plet­ed my Bach­e­lors in Edu­ca­tion. In addi­tion, I have also cleared the nation­al-lev­el CTET Exam.

Since 2016, I have been teach­ing Eng­lish to the stu­dents of grade XI and XII. I have always made sure that the stu­dents learn bet­ter if the lessons are relat­able for them. I am famil­iar with the lat­est teach­ing trends that will be ben­e­fi­cial in this field. They also help keep the stu­dents inter­est­ed and moti­vat­ed to keep learning.

I look for­ward to hear­ing from you. I am sure I will be a good addi­tion to your team because of my abil­i­ty to build a rela­tion­ship with the students.

Thank You.


Epshi­ta Mukherjee
Phone Num­ber: 98xxxxxxxx
Email: Epshita@xxxx.com

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Job Application For Part-Time Instructor/Teacher

Sub­ject: Appli­ca­tion for the posi­tion of Gui­tar Instructor

Dear Ma’am/Sir,

I am hon­ored to present my resume and cer­tifi­cates to you for the open­ing of the gui­tar instruc­tor. It is a great ini­tia­tive that your school has decid­ed to pro­vide gui­tar lessons to stu­dents who are inter­est­ed in music. I am a hard­work­ing and ded­i­cat­ed teacher.

I have com­plet­ed my Diplo­ma in gui­tar from ABCD Col­lege of Music. Giv­ing gui­tar lessons with joy is my pas­sion. I have worked as a hired instruc­tor at XYZ School for two years.

I am well versed with three forms of gui­tar, Elec­tric, Acoustic, and Bass. At the ini­tial lev­el, I was also the pres­i­dent of the Music Soci­ety of my college.

My great­est asset per­haps is that I engage with the stu­dents while teach­ing them. I would request you to go through my resume for fur­ther details about my expe­ri­ences. I am here­by attach­ing the same.

Thank You.


Raghav Mit­tal
Phone Num­ber: 98xxxxxxxx
Email: raghav@zxxx.com

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